Asia Pacific International Conference on Emerging Engineering 2019

The Asia Pacific International Conference on Emerging Engineering (APICEE) will be held in Swedish College of Engineering and Technology, Rahimyar Khan, Pakistan from 09-10 November, 2019. The purpose of the conference is to provide an international forum for cross-fertilization of ideas from academic researchers, practicing engineers and industry representatives in emerging engineering areas related to Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineerin, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotic, Control System, Embedded Systems and allied fields in general. The conference will include presentations of technical papers and keynotes talks on issues of contemporary significance in electrical systems, networks, signal processing, artificial intelligence, control theory, power engineering and other areas of Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotic, Control System, Embedded Systems and related aspects of modern power systems. Glad to share the publication of papers (Accepted and Presented) in HEC Recognized (Z-Category) Journal: Pakistan Journal of Science/

Paper Presentation Modes:
  1. Authors can Present Paper in Conference.
  2. Skype/Video presentation will also be possible if the author is unable to attend the conference.

Paper Categories: The APICEE Conference will accept two categories of papers:

[ I ]: Full Length Reseach Papers

[ II ]: Poster Presentations (Work in Progress/Ideas/Future Work/Papers).


  1. Electrical Power Engineering
  2. Communication Engineering
  3. Electronics Engineering
  4. IT, Computational and Avionics
  5. Emerging Areas/ Smart Grids/Renewable Energy Resources
  6. Biomedical Engineering
  7. Robotics/Control/Embedded Systems
  8. Civil Engineering
  9. Mechanical Engineering
  10. Computer System Engineering
  11. Software Engineering
  12. High Voltage Engineering
  13. 5G and Heterogeneous Networks


For more details and journals links, please visit: Submission Page/
  1. – All accepted and presented papers will be published in the Conference Proceeding and in well indexed journals.
  2. – Authors of Selected papers (about 50 papers) in APICEE'2019 will be invited to submit an extended version of their works (with at least 40% extension) for potential publication (Special issues and Regular) in indexed international journals.


  1. International Workshop on Green Computing & Communication Technologies
  2. International Workshop on Machine Learning and Data science (MLD)
  3. International Workshop on Power and Electric System
  4. International Workshop on Robotics and Embedded System
  5. International Workshop on Mechanics and Hydraulic System
  6. International Workshop on Civil Engineering Problems and Future Trends


Swedish College of Engineering & Technology Rahim Yar Khan

APICEE 2019 Publications

  1. Fatima Tahir and Aamir Habib, "Sum Capacity Analysis of NOMA with Beamspace Beam Forming" PDF
  2. Zeeshan Raza, Nashitah Alwaz, Rabbia Siddique, et al., "A LabVIEW Based Analysis on the Use of Wind Turbine Tree on Small Scale" PDF
  3. Linta Khalil, Nashitah Alwaz, Rabbia Siddique, et al., "LabVIEW Based Real-Time Data Acquisition System for Industrial Process Management" PDF
  4. Umair Tahir, Sammia Munir, Hamza Abid and Muqaddas Mehmood, "A Reliable Switch Ladder Multi-level Inverter" PDF
  5. Mohsin Atta, Manzoor Ellahi, Ghulam Abbas et al., "Optimal Energy Saving for Motorway M-2 using Unreliable Grid tied PV-Diesel Hybrid Design System" PDF
  6. Rafia Wali, Shabab Zahra, et al., "Performance Improvement of a Single-Phase Differential-mode Cuk´ inverter for PV system using modified Discontinuous Modulation Scheme" PDF
  7. Muhammad Mubasher Akram, Shabab Zahra, Ghayyur Hussain, et al., "Advance control technique for controlling the gain and minimizing low frequency ripples of switched inductor Z-source inverter" PDF
  8. Nasir Nawaz, Muhammad Siddique, Safdar Raza, Abid Hussain, et al., "Off-grid hydrokinetic, photovoltaic and wind based power generation for electricity supply" PDF
  9. Arooj Unbreen, Ghulam Abbas and Muhammad Zafrullah, "Optimized Grid Connected Model for Power Generation for a University Campus" PDF
  10. Muhammad Akram Akhund, Aftab Hameed Memon, et al., "Waste management in construction projects of Pakistan" PDF
  11. Abdul Qadir Memon, Aftab Hameed Memon, et al., "Common Factors Affecting Time and Cost Performance of Construction Projects in Pakistan" PDF
  12. Rana Faraz Ahmed, Akmal Khan and Muhammad Rizwan, "Collection of Autonomous System Level Topology using Looking Glass Servers" PDF
  13. Ismail Abdul Rahman, Lee Chin Foo, et al., "Schedule and Cost Behaviour in Construction Works of Malaysia" {Technical Session-I: Best Presenter}: PDF
  14. Zeeshan Raza, Zeeshan Akhtar, Nasir Nawaz, et al., "Single-cell massive MIMO downlink system: Energy efficiency solution" PDF
  15. Adnan Javed, Safdar Raza, Shahid Iqbal, Nasir Nawaz, et al., "Impact of DGs placement on various feeders in distribution network for power loss reduction and voltage stability" PDF
  16. Shoaib Nawaz, Muhammad Rizwan and Maryam Rafiq, "Recommendation of Effectiveness of Youtube Video Contents by Qualitative Sentiment Analysis of its Comments and Replies" PDF
  17. Qasim Awais, Madiha Farasat, Kamran Mehboob, et al., "Bow-Tie Antenna Design With Ground Slots For Wireless Energy Harvesting Applications" PDF
  18. Qasim Awais, Madiha Farasat, Adeel Hafeez, et al., "Rectangular Antenna With Verticle Slots Implemented For WLAN Applications" {Technical Session-I: Best Paper}: PDF
  19. Qasim Awais, Madiha Farasat, Tausif Zahid, et al., "Design And Analysis Of CPW Rectangular Antenna With Slots For 2.45 GHz" PDF
  20. Roman Kalvin, Muhammad Ashiq, et al., "Effect of Thrust on Mathematical Model of Pressure-Fed Liquid Rocket" PDF
  21. Qasim Awais, Madiha Farasat, Tausif Zahid, et al., "Semi-Circle Shaped Antenna for IEEE 802.11b Network Applications" PDF
  22. Kamran Mehboob, Ayaz Ahmed, Umar Mushtaq, et al., "Design and analysis of the structure of a drill rig" PDF
  23. Kamran Mehboob, Momen Rasool, Umair, et al., "Selection of drive system for heliostat of concentrated solar thermal power plant" PDF
  24. Kamran Mehboob, Malik Saifi Ullah, Ahsan Naseem, et al., "The use of virtual reality (VR) technologies in automotive design" {Technical Session-II: Best Paper}: PDF
  25. Kamran Mehboob, Saqib Tanveer, Farman Ali, et al., "Types and applications of renewable energy technologies and their effect on environment in Pakistan" PDF
  26. Kamran Mehboob, Awais Khan, Jawad Sarwar, et al., "Metamodelling using simulation trained Artificial Neural Network for structure applications" PDF
  27. Kamran Mehboob, Momen Rasool, Muhammad Qasim Nawaz, et al., "Control system selection for heliostat of concentrated solar thermal tower power plant" PDF
  28. Faizan Ur Rehman, Ahmed Muddassir Khan, Rao Raees Alam Khan, et al., "Receiver Sensitivity Analysis of Proposed Four Channel WDM Passive Optical Network with 40 Gbps Downstream and 10 Gbps Upstream Data Rate" PDF
  29. Ahmed Muddassir Khan, Faizan Ur Rehman, Abdul Latif Shah, et al., "A Feasible Solution for Long-Reach Next Generation Passive Optical Network (LR-NGPON)" {Technical Session-II: Best Presenter}: PDF
  30. Mashal Fatima, Abdullah Faraz, Waqar Azeem, et al., "Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease based on Phase Synchronization measures in EEG signals" PDF
  31. Mashal Fatima, Bilal Siddique, Momin Ahmed and Shafique Muhammad, "Investigating the Effect Of Binaural Beta Beats On Saccadic Eye Movement" PDF
  32. Athar Mangi, Shahnawaz Talpur and Rizwan Badar, "Critical Analysis of 3D Manycore Memory Architecture using MapReduce" PDF
  33. M.U. Keerio, Aamir Ali, et al., "Minimization of Power Loss in Radial Distribution Network Using Optimal Feeder Reconfiguration and Distributed Generation Allocation" PDF
  34. Muhammad Sohail Khan, Syed Ijlal Ayub, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, et al., "Machine Learning for Content-Based Detection of Spam SMS in Local Languages: A Preliminary Classification of Romanized Urdu Messages" PDF
  35. Umer Khalil, Zawar Hussain Khan, Waheed Imran, et al., "Behavioral Analysis of the LWR model under Different Equilibrium Velocity Distributions" PDF
  36. Faiza Tila, Dohyeun Kim, Muhammad Sohail Khan, et al., "Semantic Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Context Aware Services in an Indoor Environment Control System" PDF
  37. Adil Sulehri, Zawar Hussain Khan, et al., "On the Choice of Route" PDF
  38. Mehwish Khan, Sadaqat Jan and Fahim Ullah, "Semantic Based Search Extension Using Catalogue Ontology" PDF
  39. Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Haseeb Ahmad Khan, Sohail Khan, et al., "Multiquadric Radial Basis approximation for Speckle noise removal" PDF
  40. Syeda Malka, Sadaqat Jan and Ibrar Ali Shah, "Sentiment Analysis Based on Abbreviations in Text" {Technical Session-III: Best Presenter}: PDF
  41. Sadia Ambar, Sadaqat Jan and Fahimullah Khan, "Human Emotion Detection and Classification in Text Mining" PDF
  42. Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Haseeb Khan, Sohail Khan, et al., "Total Variation and Fractional Order Based Model for Image Restoration" PDF
  43. Ali Kharal, Asad Mahmood and Kafait Ullah, "Load Forecasting of an Educational Institution Using Machine Learning: The case of NUST, Islamabad" PDF
  44. Muhammad Usman Iqbal, Ejaz Ahmad Ansari and Saleem Akhtar, "Machine Learning Based Capacity Enhancement of Femtocells for 5G Heterogeneous Networks" PDF
  45. Aneela Wakeel, Muhammad Salman Shahid and Riffat Asim Pasha, "Preparation and Characterization of Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Reinforced with SiC/Al2O3 and Metal Particles Using Stir Casting Process" {Technical Session-III: Best Paper}: PDF
  46. Muhammad Nabeel, Tasawar Abbas, Fahad Ahmad, et al., "Ground-Granulated-Blast-Furnace-Slag And Sugar Cane Molasses Influence On Stabilization Of Clayey Soil" PDF
  47. Suhail Shams, Tanweer Hussain, Shakeel Ahmed Shaikh, et al., "Performance Analysis of Combined FCAW-GMAW Welding and SMAW Welding For Pipe-line Construction Jobs at SSGCL" PDF
  48. Junaid Bhurgri, Saifullah Samo, Tanweer Hussain, et al., "Design and Analysis of Plastic Extruder as 3D Printer Head" PDF

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